About Me

Somewhere out there...

Sup! Thanks for visiting my site. This is the place where I would like to share my DJ mixes with you, ranging from House to Trance, basically anything I like the sound of, all mixed from my bedroom, so I’m a literal bedroom DJ.

Some of you may remember me from Afterhours.fm, where I had a monthly show titled ‘Beyond Consciousness’. It ran for 20 months (shows) and ended in 2009, since then I only shared a few mixes on various forums. Shit happens, your life changes and before you know it, 12 years have passed.

Now it’s 2021 and we are confined to our homes whilst Covid does a number on us. Personally, even though times are crazy, I’ve found that I’ve managed to reclaim some free time so that I can start taking up some old hobbies again. Thus, I’m back, I hope you are all well and enjoy the mixes that I have uploaded for you.