Warmup Sessions 06

Uplifting Trance

Posted by DJ Abstraction on July 07, 2024 · 1 min read

Well I’ve actually managed to keep schedule this month, let’s hope that this continues!

This month I have decided to stick with the theme of Uplifting Trance with splashings of sublime vocals. Beatport seems to be absolutely full to the brim of amazing Trance these days so it wasn’t particularly difficult in finding this selection of beauties for you.

Featuring top liners such as Mike Shiver and Ronski Speed, with vocals from the awesome Jennifer Rene, this mix should hopefully whisk you away to another place for an hour and get that blood pumping to the high pace baselines and euphoric melodies. My personal favourite is ‘Alone’ by Jennifer Rene and Roman Messer, amazing vocals, albeit slightly haunting.


  1. Mike Shiver, Marc Damon - Water Ripples (Mike Shiver's Introduction Mix) - [Captured Music ]
  2. Xclusive - Endless Wait (Extended Mix) - [Eximinds Airlines ]
  3. Ronski Speed, Katty Heath, Stargazers - Follow My Heart (Extended Mix) - [Amsterdam Trance Records ]
  4. PITTARIUS CODE, Josie Sandfeld - Never To Believe (Extended Mix) - [ZYX TRANCE ]
  5. Northad - Dawn Chaser (Extended Mix) - [Synchronized Next ]
  6. Lost Witness, Laura-Ly - Carry Me Home (Craig Connelly Extended Mix) - [Amsterdam Trance Records ]
  7. Tau-Rine - Time (Original Mix) - [Global Player Music ]
  8. Philippe El Sisi, Elara, Kaimo K - Invincible (Extended Mix) - [Amsterdam Trance Records ]
  9. Kaimo K, Sarah Russell - Be My Guide (Stargazers Extended Mix) - [Amsterdam Trance Records ]
  10. Lele Palmieri - Blue Moon (Original Mix) - [Trance Friends Records ]
  11. Jennifer Rene, Roman Messer - Alone (Extended Mix) - [Suanda Music ]
  12. NVIRON, Vexa9 - Earthquake (Extended Mix) - [INVIRONMENT ]