New Podcast Feed

Posted by DJ Abstraction on July 10, 2021 · 2 mins read

I just wanted to take a few moments to go over some of the latest updates to the site,

Although this feed was always available, it was not being published, so you should now see an RSS feed button at the bottom of every page. This button links directly to the RSS xml that is generated for every post that is made on my site, albeit a mix, or an announcement such as this. The feed does not contain download links or playlists at current, only the textual content for each post.

DJ Abstraction RSS Feed

This is a new addition to the site, right next to the RSS feed button, is now a Podcast feed button. This is very similar to the RSS feed, except that it is purely for mixes and will work in a podcast player. The benefit of using a podcast player is that new mixes can be automatically downloaded to your device (your smartphone for example) as they come available, it also allows you to easily skip through tracks in a mix. I have introduced this feature as I would like to increase the scope of how my mixes can be heard and hopefully get more listeners.

DJ Abstraction Podcast Feed

Cookies Popup and Policy

To comply with GDPR, I have introduced a cookies popup along with a cookie policy page to clarify what cookies are used for on my site. Just to recap here, they are used purely for Google Analytics (so I know if people are visiting my website) and to prevent the cookie popup from appearing once it has already been acknowledged. That is it.

Of course, all of these changes to my site template are visible and if you’re wanting to make a similar website for your own DJ mixes, you’re free to use it, everything is available via GitHub.